Sunday, July 25, 2010

Monument City Scavenger Hunt

Here are some pics from the scavenger hunt, I tried to hang as long as I could before I had to dip off to go to work. I was banking on going in closer to 9 so I could stay for prizes and what not, but I ended up going in before the race ended at 7. Shane and I just rode to check points to hang and take pics. It certainly was one of the hottest days we've had all year, and I'm sure it discouraged a lot of people but there was still a decent and brave turn out along with some costumes. I still have no clue who won what and who didn't even show up to finish, but I'm sure the pictures Matt took will show up soon. Thanks to Nate and Matt and everyone else for throwing it, it was a really cool set up although I wish more people found Waldo! I do think they needed more time for the hunt, maybe 3 hours. Either way, I hope it happens again next year, maybe make it closer to the fall...

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