Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Halloween Race Sponsor update

The flier is still in the works but we have an update to the current sponsors for the Halloween race:

Hold Fast
Hold Fast has been so good to Bmore Fixed from employing our riders to sponsoring all of our events and just being all around awesome.

Profile Racing
Long time supporters of the fixed gear and alley cat scene Profile Racing was the first out of state company to sponsor the race and they also make some of the best hubs out there.

Biller's Bikes

When I lived in Harford county Biller's was the go-to shop with the realest mom 'n' pop bike enthusiasts owning and operating it. Since I've moved to the city, they've only improved by acquiring a new store front and become Sun and Bianchi dealers. They also have a stage where they put on live shows and show classic movies.

A grassroots company committed to urban cycling, Fyxation also has local ties. With their next level tires and grips, they are an exciting addition to the sponsor line up.


Tom Briggs of Skitch made the Revival. He was Kind enough to set up a premier with us back in January, and for the race he is donating a couple of DVD's.

Ben's Cycle/ Milwaukee Bicycle Co
Ben's Cycle has been very good to Christina and myself, by keeping me in a frame and getting Christina the extra small bruiser before anyone else. They've extended this kindness by sponsoring our Halloween race and we couldn't be more pleased to have them as supporters.

I'll keep you updated as more details are worked out, but I just wanted to make a note that is is not a fixed only race, all types of bicycles are welcomed and encouraged.

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