Monday, October 4, 2010

the Skully Boom

So I hit up Lief from Skully Boom to see if he could help us out with the Halloween Alley Cat. Graciously, he sent us a few units to give away as prizes and one for review. I left the Black and White ones as prizes and have been riding with this purple guy for a about a week...a very rainy week.

The Little device seems pretty rugged, it held up great in the rain and took a few tumbles. It can handle up to about 85% volume on my i-pod which is plenty loud on the two speakers. It has as clip on the back which worked nicely with my bag. I liked that it didn't need batteries and it charged easily with usb. Overall I think it's a really cool accessory great for riding with a group, or if you don't like riding with headphones but still want to listen to music.

Check them out here.


Carl said...

Is that what was used for the tunes on the last six pack?

sam said...