Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Baltimore's Citypaper Features Hold Fast in Holiday Gift Guide

Check it out! Our favorite foot retention company has been featured in Citypaper's Holiday Gift Guide.

Here's the blurb:

Hold Fast FRS

Baltimore Bike Works, 1813 Falls Road, (410) 605-0705,, $59.99

Hold Fast is a company based in Brooklyn, N.Y., that over the past year has started setting up shop in other cities—most notably, Baltimore. Its product is simple, but also kinda revolutionary: a heavy-duty fabric strap to keep your feet attached to your pedals, taking the place of clipless pedals or awkward metal cages—or, worse, nothing—and built for the kind of nonstop abuse that riding around these parts delivers. If maybe none of that makes any sense, just understand that the city’s bike community has grown enough such that a company like Hold Fast can justify moving here and making stuff for bikes.

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