Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween the Alley Cat Photos

First I wanna say HOLY CRAP! Thank you ALL for coming out, whether you raced or not!! ALSO, HOLY CRAP, the sponsors! The amount of and quality of prizes was incredible! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH! It took Sam over 2 hours to give all that stuff away, and he was naked!

Second, I wanted to make it to a few check points to get pictures, but I got a flat on my way to the first one. AWESOME! Sorry that didn't work out. I had to walk for like 20 minutes...

Third, SORRY if my flash blinded you at the party. I don't like using them but I kind of have to. I tend to bounce it off the ceiling cause its super dark. Maybe next time Ill turn it down low and aim it straight...

Thanks everyone for the support and for making it awesome! We had a blast...HERES THE SET!!!

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