Friday, March 13, 2009

John Hopkins one night

Keith, Shane and I got sushi this past Tuesday in Charles Village, it was good food, good company, good fun. After we finished eating we rolled around the corner to the John Hopkin's campus. I got to really give my new fork a run through hopping gaps and some solid endo's, so far it's held up really well and it feels and sounds solid.(which is more than I can say for the stock fork that came with my cutter) As far as a geometry goes the new fork has an offset of 44mm and an axle to crown length of 390mm compared to the cutter's 36mm offset and 377mm axle to crown. What that means is I have slightly larger bar spin window and only a moderate diference in the overall bike geometry and handling. All that for 20 dollars shipped I think I can handle the ugly brake mount knobs...for now

We took a few pics while riding here's one. Check the rest out in the flickr set.
shane and keith

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