Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Tonight one of the OG 6 pack riders was back from NYC. People seriously thought our rides were going to fall apart back when Brian moved up there, so it was pretty awesome to have him back for a night. So I feel fresh and showered, mouth wash left my mouth MINTY fresh just as that last shot of rumpelmintz we grabbed at last call. Brians call was to pull usual meet at 8pm, and we did...

We all met up, it was an OG crew and it was fantastic. It was the first time I saw lokesh in a while and same with Danny. Dlake even showed up! We even hit up the Korean liquor store and got some sake and beer. We planned the first stop to be in the park in Fed dirt, and we rode down St. Paul where I HAD NO CLOSE CALLS WITH DEATH! We arrived and there were people in vans doing something in the pool house, it was weird and creepy but we figured a few dudes on bikes drinking a beer was most likely ALOT more legal than what they might have been up to, so we figured we had an unspoken agreement. There was alot of change in that park from what were used to. The park has this paved path just wide enough for a car to drive on, and it goes in a circle around a pool. The pool is at the top of the hill but like the point of the hill, so its elevated above the entire trail. Usually sketchy people smoking, buying, or selling drugs always pass us, or some crack whores of some sort. This time it was all young professionals walking their dogs, maybe it was because we left for our ride early as opposed to 11pm. Anyway we decided to head to train yard, which I mentioned in the first post.

We get down there fairly easy, I mean its across the city and aside from SOMEONE smacking a cab on Pratt, everything was butter. I admit it was pretty funny, dude jumped out yelling. Along the main strip that runs the length of the freight yard, Brian was riding Lokesh's fixie as a loaner bike and pinched a tire going over a set of train tracks. We ended up stopping for a second next to a dump spot and Brian started taking pictures. I decided to crack a beer, and after goofing off for a bit we continued down to the prime spot at the water where Brian and Lokesh proceeded to change the tube. At first Brian cracked one open that was punctured or some shit, and ended up using one of Sam's. We find that the tire is stretched to hell and wont seat correctly but they manage to make it work. We continue to goof off and ride eachothers bikes and take flicks then head out. Everythings good untill going up to the bridge at Odonell st, with cars zooming past us, Brians back tire goes flat AGAIN. He rides it up the hill and we stop. The back tire is so stretched he can fist it! We walk to Lokeshes place since its a few blocks away to drop off the bike and grab another.

Arriving at his place, from the outside it just looks PIMP! Inside is a nice couch and a big flat panel tv hanging on the wall. Walk a little further across the dark hardwood floor and look up you will see 4 floor and a set of skylights. Just past that is an elevator and a sweet ass kitchen. We go up stairs to the 3rd floor bar and contemplate some shots but Lokesh insists we go on the roof. Theres the first deck, then a second level up a set of spiral stairs where you can enjoy another secure spot then walk through a gate and walk around on the roof with no railings. Its nice because the roof is soft and easy on the feet. We decided he needs to have cookouts and parties there.

So Brian gets on this beach cruiser of a bike with giant handle bars, and we get rollin. We take a few goofy pictures and head to this bar Spirits to shoot pool and grab a drink. Along the way we pass some fellow riders and friends a Red House Tavern and chat for a bit. We arrive at Spirits and get a small pizza, and a round then sit and chill. Its a nice quiet corner bar in fells, at apparently a bad intersection because there was a car accident when we got there, which was the third one this week or something bizarre. Which reminds me, remember this ?

We leave and get more pizza at Hot Tomato, followed by a quick stop at Dames for a round of rumpelmintz. Sam wasnt happy about that Im sure hell be cursing Shane and I in the morning. The ride back was fucking windy, I didnt even ride up chesnut I took the cut through and rode up Keswick which sucks just as much especially in the wind. I know what youre thinking, THIS STORY SUCKS, well I assure you itll be more interesting with pictures when I get them.

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pure awesomeness. btw. your a graphic designer and you have that SHITTY ass background template!!! hahahah come on keith. step up the game sonz.