Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Rocket to Venus Scavenger Hunt

According to their website, this scavenger hunt was supposed to be last week on the 19th. It was not. It was the 26th. Besides the little blurb with the wrong date on the internet, a little flier at baltimore bicycle works and word of mouth were the only announcers spreading the news about this race. Regardless, it was a ton of fun... yes a ton of fun even in the 90 degree weather.

The race was set up like this: Teams of two(and one of three) were to ride throughout the city collecting items from a list of 25 or 24 each worth varying amounts of points. Extra points were awarded for creativity. Everyone started at Rockets and had to return with their items within two hours. The stuff we had to pick up spanned from the awkward(dental dams), to the heavy(a brick), to the obscure(a zebra t-shirt), to the kinda gross(a chicken bone). All in all the organization was on the mark and the race design worked well.

Emily and I teamed up for this race(and this blog post) and if you were to ask me, I'd say we made a great pair. At the start of the race we split up and each made our way through separate stops in Hampden. We then met at TV Hill to ride to druid hill park and from there we split again for a couple more spots around the Bolton Hill/Mount Vernon area. We trekked back up to rockets together with one last pit stop at velocipede. The routes we took had us going no farther south than mt. royal which along with a good amount of creativity gave us the winning edge. We took first with the cash prize of $70 taking into account the 5 dollar each entry fee and the 8 bucks for dental dams we walked away with roughly 52 dollars. Totally worth it.

(we didn't take any photos, but the race looked something like this)

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